Cases should always contain all the items that are listed there.
Money can sometimes reach an account with a delay. If you topped up your account just a minute ago, it is too early to panic. Wait 15-20 minutes, and if the balance is still not replenished, please, write to our technical support team via ZenDesk, attaching a screenshot of the receipt and a link to your Steam-account. Be sure, we will help you! The ZenDesk widget can be found in the right-hand corner of the website :)
Exchange offers are sent almost instantly. If you have not received it, then it is caused by the following reasons:

- - You have blocked the exchange (came from a new device, recently changed the password / email, changed the security settings of Steam Guard, have a VAC-ban, etc.). To solve such problems, it is highly recommended to check your possibility to take trades. This can be done here

- You do not have a mobile authenticator connected

- You have hidden inventory in Steam privacy settings

- Check your trade-link in the profile and inSteam settings - they must match each other

- The bot faced problems with Steam connection. As this problem happens frequently and does not depend on our service, it is recommended just trying sending the exchange again later.

- In all of the above cases, you cannot pick up your item, so we remind you to check the availability of exchanges before you withdraw items. It is also possible that trade still came to you, but you haven't managed to take it within 3 minutes, canceled it, or did not make counter-proposal. In this case, the item is automatically sold, and its full value is returns on the balance.

Currently many scams are adding to you representing themselves as the tastydota.com/en administration, in order to scrounge your items under various pretexts. We never add to your friends and do not ask to return items back, or to sell them to us for replenishment of the balance on the website. All who do this are scammers!
Affiliate (referral) program is a way to top up an account balance without using money. Just inviting new users you can open any cases on our website.
It's very simple: you send a friend your invite code, then he enters it on our website and becomes your referral, while receiving a bonus on his balance. You start to get balance every time your friend top up his/her balance. You can learn more about the affiliate program on its page.
The fact is that if you received money to your balance as a bonus for registration, for participation in the affiliate program or for activation of the bonus code, then this money is not considered as "replenished". You can use them to open cases, but before that you still need to top up your account yourself, with at least $ 0,15. This is done in order to avoid a large number of fake accounts.
It's simple! Add tastydota.com/en in the nickname of the Steam profile from which you took the link exchange :)
An account balance on the website should be topped up separately. Log in and click "Top up an account balance". Then you can choose the amount and method of replenishment: either money via Qiwi, Webmoney, Yandex money, Visa, MasterCard, etc., or skins via SkinPay.
After an hour after winning an item , it is automatically sold, if you did not try to withdraw it . If you tried to withdraw it , but there was an error, the item will not be sold automatically. Automatically sold items cannot be restored.
Don't upset. You can contact our technical support team via the ZenDesk widget you can find in the right-hand corner of the website.
If the price that you see on the website is more than 20% higher than the one listed on Steam, please contact our customer service through the widget you can find in the right-hand corner of the website. We will recompensate the difference to your balance and change the price on our website. However, if the difference in price is lower than 20%, we cannot offer you a compensation.
Sometimes the SMS with the code may not come. This can happen for various reasons, which we deal with every day. If the SMS doesn't arrive within 10 minutes, try linking a different number.